Web Services

DeepSF: Deep convolutional neural network for mapping protein sequences to folds.

DNCON2: Deep convolutional neural networks for protein contact map prediction.

ConEVA: Toolbox for Assessment of Protein Contacts.

CASP12 Evaluation: Automated Assessment of CASP12 Protein Structure Predictions.

CONFOLD: Residue-Residue Contact-guided ab initio Protein Folding for protein structure prediction.

ConEva: A web service of automatically protein contact evaluation.

FUSION: De novo protein conformational sampling using a probabilistic graphical model.

Protein function predictions: integrated protein function prediction by mining protein sequences, function associations, protein interaction networks, and gene interaction networks.

Automated Assessment of CASP11 Protein Structure Predictions: a web service of automatically assessing CASP11 protein tertiary structure predictions.

Contact assisted proten folding process using mcsa: an ab initio protein structure prediction movie.

3Drefine: consistent protein structure refinement by pptimizing hydrogen-bonding network and atomic-Level energy minimization.

DNcon: protein residue-residue contact prediction using deep networks and boosting.

DNDisorder: protein disordered region prediction using deep networks and boosting.

PreDisorder: sequence-based protein disordered region prediction using neural networks.

APOLLO: assessing protein single or multiple model(s). Evaluating the absolute and/or relative qualities of multiple models or a single model.

DoBo: protein domain boundary prediction by integrating evolutionary signals and machine learning.

MULTICOM: high-accuracy protein 3D structure prediction server using multi-template comparative modeling.

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